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Scale Your
Restaurant Business

With Better Customer Insights and Engagement

Launch private labelled customer-facing applications on top of your pos systems. We help restaurant chains retain customers, increase frequency, and maximize spend.

Trusted by Leading Restaurant Chains

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White Labelled Apps
Transform every guest into a loyal customer with our customizable white-label Rewards app. Our platform empowers you to create an app that not only captures your brand's essence but also deepens customer engagement. With personalized experiences and tailored rewards, you'll cultivate lasting customer loyalty. Elevate your brand presence and cultivate meaningful connections with an app that is distinctly yours, all while maximizing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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Customised Loyalty Program
Design a tailor-made loyalty program that perfectly aligns with your business objectives while offering irresistible benefits to your valued customers. This personalized approach ensures a win-win scenario, fostering strong customer relationships and enhancing overall guest satisfaction, ultimately leading to increased brand loyalty and repeat business.
Digital Ordering
Delight your guests with an elegant and interactive digital menu, accessible via a simple QR code scan. This dynamic platform not only facilitates seamless ordering but also enables the gathering of valuable guest data, allowing you to gain deeper insights into your customers' preferences and needs.
Ordering food on Mobile
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Personalised Marketing Campaigns
Craft individualized campaigns tailored to your guests' behavior, utilizing automated features like birthday month and sign-up rewards for effortless management.

Elevate customer engagement and loyalty, driving higher revisit rates and fostering lasting connections with your brand.
Customer Insights
Collecting guest data enables you to extract valuable insights, facilitating personalized interactions and communications based on individual preferences, order history, visit frequency, and engagement. This approach enhances guest satisfaction and fosters long-term customer relationships, ultimately driving increased value for business.
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Increase in Avg. Customer Spend


Boost in Customer Repeat Rate


Reward Club Members


We are excited to launch our loyalty app soon with the Fudr team and I am sure this will enable more seemless interactions with our guests and create a more rewarding environment for them as they engage with us across multiple stores
Rajat Agrawal
Nothing Before Coffee
The Fudr-powered Reward Program app is an invaluable asset for our coffee chain. Customer revisits have surged, with customers now earning rewards on every visit. Moreover, our customers are spending more per visit, driving up our average bill size. We see it as a crucial tool for our growth.
Anand Jain
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Curious Life Coffee Roasters
Transition to digital Ordering  has been smooth. It has been a great help as customers can order from the comforts of their home. The  platform is user friendly both for customers and management. Fudr has been very responsive to cater for our needs and have helped in making our product sell better.
Neeraj Sheoran




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