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Rewind 2020

2020 has been a roller coaster year for all industries especially the F&B industry. While the industry entered into the year jumping on to the hottest trends of 2019 and big growth plans, the year surprised them with a pandemic situation. But nevertheless, after a few months of struggle they soon bounced back stronger than ever with ways to work around the situation.

Here’s taking you back to the top trends F&B industry approved of in 2020:

1. Rise of Immunity Food

One of the trends that knocked on the door of the f&b industry in 2020 was the growing popularity of immunity boosting food. With people making a conscious effort to prevent Covid and stay healthy, the market saw a huge shift in the preference of the consumers from diet food and vegan menus to immunity food which opened new doors for the industry. To cater to the new needs of their consumers several restaurants introduced immunity menus and listed some of the most unique dishes such as Turmeric latte and Chyawanprash ice cream.

2. Building Social Presence

The year saw several F&B brands channelising their inner social animal and making their debut on social media platforms in a bid to connect with their audience while also keeping them entertained with some drool-worthy content. Besides becoming a channel of communication, brands used their respective social media platforms to convey their brand story, build an online presence and also use it as a leverage to build trust and invite back customers.

3. Inner Chefs

Quarantine let out the inner chef in just everybody including our favourite celebrities who blasted social media with their delicious and healthy homemade recipes. One of the hottest trends that went viral in 2020 was indeed the infamous Dalgona coffee. We bet even you tried your hand at it!

While amateur chefs found their quarantine passtime, some found their passion and turned it into a full fledged paying job by becoming home-chefs or starting their own Youtube channels.

4. Vocal for Local

Campaign #VocalForLocal by our Honourable Prime Minister was lauded by one and all. It was during lockdown 2020 that people realised the value of locally-grown food and made conscious efforts of choosing home produced over outsourced products that helped the local market grow many folds.

Though global fast food chains continued to enjoy the same love, people explored the local cafes and restaurants.

5. Rise of Takeaways, Delivery and Cloud Kitchens

With quarantine keeping would-be diners at home, takeaways and home delivery services have boomed in India and this shift is likely to stay. The escalating demand for online food delivery facilitated the birth of delivery-only restaurant brands, also termed as cloud kitchen or virtual restaurants. The concept is currently fast gaining popularity in the F&B space in India and many are hopping on the bandwagon of creating Cloud Kitchen brands.

6. From Offer Driven to Brand Driven

Sustainability in dining has been re-emphasized. 2020 saw consumers becoming more aware about their surroundings and were more inclined towards F&B brands that promoted sustainable and healthy practices over restaurants that banked only on the offers.

7. Rise of Restaurant Tech

With restaurants striving to provide their customers with frictionless yet safe experience more now than ever has made all in one digital restaurant management systems popular. More than a trend, these systems are now considered an essential and valuable tool by the restaurant owners and managers as they help them function efficiently even while on low staff count .

The silver lining of the year 2020 for the F&B industry is that digitization has finally made its way and is here to stay.

8. Experimental Dining/ Private Dining Experience

With several restaurants shutting or running on half the capacity, several chefs plunged into innovative dining experience to cater to their clients. Chef Gracian d’souza kicked off a concept Mesa, where he curated private dining experiences at boutique properties, homestays, villas or homes for 6-8 people with a 48-hour notice. The idea soon became a trend and was adopted by chefs across the country.

9. Work From Cafes

With a majority of companies now running on a work-from-home model has given individuals the freedom of space and made moving out and exploring the culture of work from cafes. Also, the rise of the freelance and gig economy has led more and more people to coffee shops, where they set up a virtual office to work.

10. Innovative Meal Kits

Making lives so much easier during quarantine season were definitely meal kits. F&B brands tapped this market and came up with some of the most innovative ideas for meal kits such as meal kits with an instruction video cd clipped on to the packet.

What’s in store for 2021?

With 2020 nearing its end and 2021 approaching, the industry is hoping for a revival. What will be interesting to see is how the industry breakthrough this year with the old and new trends and the lessons this year has left us with.


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