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When we return to the big screen!

Humans are social beings and like to go out. For all of us Cinema is beyond movies, it is about marking a memory, about holding hands, eating out, socializing, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. Hence we strongly believe a proactive approach towards social distancing & hygiene will go a long way in gaining confidence back of your patrons.

Post lockdown there is a fear that people may not return to cinemas immediately, as Social Distancing will be the top-most priority. Besides introducing social distancing for ticket bookings, there is another important aspect that needs to be taken care of; the Long Queues to buy Popcorns & Drinks.

Keeping the restrictions in mind opening up will be tough too as you’ll face scarcity of staff, plus the new norms of social distancing, reducing human contact and online ordering. Fudr, helps you do all this seamlessly!

Fudr is a tool that will help you add to those movie lovers experience as it enables them to order their accelerants like popcorns, nachos, drinks and all the other munchies you have to offer with an app less feature that continues your multiplex’s theme digitally on their own phones. All they do is scan the QR Code placed in front of them. Further, simply check out and pay using the 100+ trending payment options. All this while you keeping the post COVID restrictions in mind.

The web app helps you right size your staff for all orders are now online, so you won’t need to have those customers waiting at the ordering counter. Thus not just reducing human contact but also enabling the functioning efficiently.

Fudr also assists you with personalized offers and loyalty programs that you can mange with just a few clicks on your Fudr dashboard. So be those one + one offers or get an off on your 2nd popcorn bucket, you have it all!

Since the process of ordering is digitized the guests can even order from the comfort of their seats, or even the bathroom. So no more missing out those opening or post intermission scenes as the date/family needs some munchies.

Fudr is a tool that assists a multiplex move towards a contactless continuous experience for its guests. Thus, ensuring that you are in the front seat, while we just help you do it seamlessly.


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