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It’s the tough times that test our loyalties

Every online ordering app is rolling out discounts, to boost the once thriving Food and Beverage industry. It seems to be a great idea as eateries are striving for business these days. But if this phenomenon were to be dissected we’ll see that these discounts make people loyal to an App, not your Restaurant/café!

So, How about you start your own loyalty programs in order to develop a personal connection with your clients? It’s a seamless process and all you need to do is click a few buttons on your Fudr dashboard. As our web application comes equipped with the ability to configure offers and loyalty programs.

Loyal customer will spend 65% more than a new walk in

Loyalty programs are simple offers you give your customers to have them keep coming back. It could be a simple Discount on your next order or points for referral. With several pre-existing in-built plans Fudr can help you use this tried and tested method to boost sales. Intrigued?

Here are a few plans we suggest you try using our application.

Discount on Bill: You could either have a flat out discount on the bill amount or define a minimum bill amount in order to avail a discount.

Happy hour based discounts or a weekly offer: Since, everything is automated it also enables you to pause a running offer.

Buy one Get one: With the ability to run buy one and get one type offers you can select to cover multiple items in a category. There is also the option where a guest can get either have the same item for free or may choose something else. Then there is always the ability to charge only for the higher priced item.

Quantity based offers: Remember that Get 50% discount on the second item you order? We have that too!

Loyalty Programs: These are our personal favorites for the internet app enables you to not just give points but also helps you have custom methods for their redemption. Like get loyalty points equivalent to 20% of the order value and redeem on your next order, or “Your 10th order is on us!!”, or just get loyalty points on every order and buy selected items with those points.

It has been observed that the cost to retain a customer is far lesser that the cost of acquiring one! While a loyal customer will spend 65% more than a new walk in. So, make your customers loyalists, who will also end up becoming your brand advocates. And we all know, brand advocacy is the key when it comes to organic marketing!


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