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Jump Start your Restaurant with FUDR

Enhance your Guest's Experience

Don't keep your guests waiting for waiter to place their order. Empower your guests to use their mobile phones to view menu, place order and pay without downloading any app. They just need to scan the QR code placed on the table from phone's camera.

Boost your Sales

Social Media Ordering - Promotion with Social Media helps to increase visibility of your restaurant. FUDR can help to also get orders from your Social Media Page. Share your Personalized MenuPersonalised Menu Link on your page and redirect your visitors to your Menu to start getting orders.

Up sell - analyze guest's food preferences to suggest items while placing orders. This will not only increase the sales but also helps to improve the guest's experience and improve the guest's experience.

Loyalty & Offers - Increase your repeat customers with unique Loyalty plans. Roll out offers that helps to increase the order size.

Reduce Operational Costs

Self ordering not only empowers your guests, but also helps you to increase your savings.

Reduce turn around time - Guests can place the order and make the payments without waiting for the waiter to attend them.

Rightsize Staff - Either its a Busy Saturday or Slump Wednesday, the system can scale up and down as per the demand

Increase accuracy of orders - Reduce chances of error and thus less cancellations.

Multiple Payment Options - Support more than 20+ payment modes without the trouble of registration

Know your Guests Better

Key Mantra of every successful business is that they understand and listen to their customers. FUDR can help you to get closer to your guests and understand them better

Feedback - Direct customer feedback. No leakage of negative feedback as on traditional paper-based feedbacks.

Unique Identity of your Restaurant

Every restaurant serves a unique taste and have an exclusive identity. FUDR makes sure that this uniqueness is maintained.

Personalized Restaurant page - Pick a theme that is in sync with your restaurant's spirit.

Customized Loyalty & Offers - Keep your customers loyal to you and not to the discount apps. Create your own Offers and Loyalty as per your need and requirement.


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