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Strategies to Prepare your Restaurant for Post Lockdown Era

At FUDR, we're working on initiatives that can help your restaurant to get prepared for the Post Lockdown Era

Strategy #1

Minimise Human Contact

In a restaurant, there are a lot of artefacts that goes through multiple hands like - Printed Menus, Bill Folders, Card Machines etc.. These items increases the risk of contamination amongst your staff & guests. FUDR can help you to avoid this risk by minimising the contact.

Zero Touch Menu - Guests can view the menu by scanning the QR code placed on the table through the phone camera. No need to download any application.

Zero Touch Order - Order through the mobile phone without the need to talk to waiters.

Zero Touch Payment - Over 20+ payments options. Guests can pay from their favourite payment app

Strategy #2

Social Media Ordering

Promotion on Social Media helps to increase visibility of your restaurant. FUDR can help to also get orders from your Social Media Page. Share your Personalised Menu Link on your page and redirect your visitors to your Menu to start getting orders.

Strategy #3

Promote Self Pickup Orders

In the coming times, we anticipate that guests will prefer to take away the orders than dining-in. Promoting self Pick Orders can cut short on social gathering and reduce the risk of spreading the virus. FUDR can help you to get your business online within hours and smoothly handle self pickup orders.



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